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I have been reading your works for a little while now. Not since the beginning, mind you, but long enough to enjoy the concepts you use...


Name: Remy Von Strausenberg
Nicknames: Ribbit (Though some may go with "thief" "liar" "cheat" etc)
Species: Sableye gijinka
Age: 27
Birthday: Oct. 30, 1986

Nature: Hasty
Characteristic: Likes to flee

Height: 4'11 in.
Weight: 179 lbs

Gender: Male
Sex: Male

Relationship Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight
Job: Pawn Broker.  Owns and works as the owner of the "Gold, Silver, and Bronzong Pawn"
City: Asokuma

Level: 48
Ability: Stall - This pokemon always attacks last


:iconfightingtypeplz: Detect

:iconghosttypeplz: Shadow Sneak

:iconnormaltypeplz: Fake Out

:iconfairytypeplz: Dazzling Gleam

Character Description:
Remy wears a pair of slightly baggy black pants.  On his forehead he wears a pair of goggles, with lenses identical to a sableye's eyes.  His black hair is spiked and a bit short, the two sides of his hair a bit longer, and spiked back more.   A visual of this would be a sableye's head, only black, the center of his head covered with his dark purple with black trim fedors. His teeth are fanged, and slightly elongated, making his smile bigger, and seemingly more mischievious looking.  His long sleeve, purple shirt, has nothing on it.  But under his shirt, he has two green and blue gems embedded in his back.

Remy has a very small build, scrawny and pale, his green eyes are a very dark, near jungle, green.  He has no visual markings on him, but wears numerous lavish looking rings on his index and ring fingers, as well as several gold necklaces.  His black crocs allowing him to move around his shop without slipping.  On his side he carries a satchel that is tied to his belt loop, which he is very careful with. On colder days he wears a long purple with black trim dress trench coat.  He has taken up smoking large cigars, and doesn't care if his customers don't like the smoke. His store, his rules.

Remy is very opportunistic, crafty, underhanded, and a genuinely deceitful person.  He's lived his entire life under the pretext that "everyone lies".  He is paranoid, and untrusting of everyone, with one exception.  He is always out to make a quick buck, and gives very little regard to "honor" or "respect".  He only wants riches, and to live life high atop a mountain of cash.  He hates people that think the world is a good place, full of good people, having spent his entire life in the underbelly of every place he'd ever been. He knows what's behind those "masks", and has no problems calling people out.  He's is all about his own goals, and cares nothing for anyone else.  He's VERY smart about the streets, and knows all the tricks; counting cards, pickpocketing, and has even pulled quite a few of his own cons, so don't expect to pull a lie over on him.

Remy loves shiny objects, and gets distratced by them almost as much as beautiful women.  But a beautiful woman only distracts him for so long before he notices such shinies about.

Remy was born on the streets of a rundown city, long since abandoned.  The orphanage had nothing, and as such many times the children had to starve.  Many more times it was Remy, the scrawny shrimp, that couldn't do anything to stop the bigger kids.  They made it known as well, by constantly bullying him, striking him, and threatening him.  

One day, while the bullies told Remy how lousy his life was, a traveling Gengar gijinka was making his way through the town.  He wore silk clothes, wore fancy jewelry, that seemed to make the man glisten in the light, his toothy grin and demeanor made him look like some sort of nobleman.  He stopped, seeing the other boys run off, leaving Remy face down in the mud.  The gengar approached Remy, and knelt down, before wiping his face.

Remy couldn't stand it, being pitied, and snatched the man's rings, running as fast as he could, stealing every ring and bracelet on the man's left hand before he could even respond.  But he didn't make it far, before he wound up cornered by the man.  But instead of a beating, the man laughed, and offered Remy something much better; a chance.  He took Remy with him, and began to teach him just what it was that he did to get so filthy rich; Steal, lie, cheat, win.

For the next 12 years Remy learned, and learned exponentially fast.  By the age of , 12 he was snatching wallets even from police and high risk marks.  By the time he was 18 he was counting cards, and doing it so well that even people watching him couldn't tell he was "losing" just to throw them off.  By the age of 24 he made his way up into the underworld so much that he'd earned a spot at the biggest poker games they had to offer, wiping the floor with these bosses.  One such victory yielded the TM for Dazzling Gleam, one of his all time favorite trophies (For obvious reasons).  After having earned his keep many times over, even making a single solitary friend, who he never names for some reason, Remy has made his way to Asokuma town to continue living his life his way, by his rules, with no regard for how others view him.  Because when it's all said and done, he'll be the one grinning.

- Remy carries a jeweled lighter, but never uses it.  A momento from his adoptive father.
- Remy will turn on you if someone offers him enough money to, with one exception.
- He is a master of counting cards, sleight of hand, con artistry, etc.

Medical Notes:
Remy is a full kleptomaniac.


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Hail to the king!
United States
I'm no great artist, but I have the ideas for one, lol. I enjoy all characters that are original. Seeing how different other peoples ideas are from my own makes me respect anyone that shows their work.

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